Saw 8 release date premiere 2016

Saw 8 release date premiere 2016
“Saw 8” – the planned project of the American movie horror genre. The main hero of the story is John Kramer, who organizes various tortures people for self-survival. John communicates with all his victims via Billy doll, in fact thanks to her, he informs about the rules of the game of survival.

When will Saw 8 premiere date?

Release date:Rumored, End of 2016

About Saw 8

About the script of the film is known not much, but a lot of rumors and suggestions. Company bosses Lionsgate to dot the “i”! The movie “Saw 8” will be the final episode, and not the beginning of a new franchise. Despite the possibility of restarting the entire tape is quite possible, the writers have, how to work on a story that a new franchise was not worse than they were earlier.

Release date

If nothing changes, everything goes as planned in the schedule of the crew, the approximate release date – 2016.

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