The Simpsons 26 season release date premiere 2014

The Walking Dead 5 season release date premiere 2014
Waited for Season 26 of mega popular «The Simpsons» to start? Are you ready for good news?

About «The Simpsons»:

Channel broadcasting: Fox
Created by: Matt Groening
Pilot Episode date: 1989/12/17

Episode 1 Season 1:26.7 million viewers in the USA
Episode 1 Season 25: 6.37 million viewers in the USA

When will The Simpsons season 26 start / premiere date?

Release date:September 28. 2014

The longest and the most popular American TV series «The Simpsons» was renewed for Season 26 right after the new season was aired.

The sitcom is duly suggested to be a real record-holder: not only because of its record-duration but as well for the accumulation of sparkling jokes in it.

Official statistics provides information that premiere episode of the present «The Simpsons» season was viewed by 12% more fans in comparison with the previous one. The project, one of the most successful in the American sitcoms history, still tops the long list of entertaining TV series.

The management of Fox channel confirmed that they ordered 22 new episodes. The first of them is to come to broadcasting already in September 28, 2014. Enjoy! Will the 26 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 26 The Simpsons together!

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